Guidelines For Authors

1.    Original research papers concerned with various fields of Plant Pathology, both basic and applied are accepted from the members of the society if considered suitable by peer reviewers and the Editorial Board.

2.    It is presumed that the articles submitted for publication to Plant Disease Research have not been previously and will not be simultaneously submitted and published in any other journal.

3.    Manuscripts of full papers should be prepared under the following headings: Title, Affiliation, Abstract, Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Discussion and References.

4.    Short notes should have no headings and abstract.

5.    The manuscript should be submitted by online to Plant Disease Research.

6.    Each MS must have names of three reviewers from institute other than place of work with email ID. Membership of all authors is mandatory.

7.    The manuscript should be in Times New Roman with font size 12.

8.    Title must be short and specific.

9.    The byline should comprise name(s) of author(s), complete postal address and e-mail address.

10.  Title page must also include a running title of 4 or 5 words.

11.  Abstract must be self-explanatory and should include the objectives, methodology, important points in the results and a conclusion. It should not, in any case, exceed 200 words.

12.  The authors should also suggest up to 5 key words below the abstract.

13.  Introduction should be brief and include justification for undertaking the investigation and a short review of earlier work.

14.  Key references related to the work must be cited.

15.  Material and Methods should be clear and concise. This section can be subtitled for clarity.

16.  Results should be written concisely in a logical order.

17.  All data must invariably be given in metric and decimal system.

18.  Data presented in figures should not be duplicated in tables and vice versa. All figures and tables should be cited in text and should have concise and self-explanatory headings.

19.  Discussion should be oriented towards explaining the significance and implications of the results obtained and should be well connected with the previous work in this direction.

20.  The Results and Discussion section may preferably be combined to avoid repetition.

21.  References should be arranged alphabetically by the name of the first author and then by the second and third authors as necessary.

22.  The World List of Scientific Periodicals should be followed for abbreviations of the titles of journals.

23.  Illustrations should be very clear for photographic reproduction.

24.  Line drawings and photographs should be separately grouped.

25.  Photographs should be of high quality (preferably in glossy print) with sharp details and contrasts.

26.  The publication cost of photographs will be charged separately at the prevailing market rates.

27.  Small figures should be grouped to fill a page and full-page figure should be larger than 26 x 36 cm.

28.  Review of manuscript -Two referees will review the article and revised article will have to be submitted within 15 days. Any further delay will result in change of date of receipt of article.

29.  Any articles without following the format of the journal will not be considered.

30.  For details kindly visit  All editorial correspondence should be addressed to: Managing Editor, Plant Disease Research, Department of Plant Pathology, College of Agriculture Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana – 141004, India (e-mail: [email protected])

31.   Back Volumes All the back volumes of Plant Disease Research, are available at the current subscription rates.