Copy Rights

Copy Rights

Statement about ownership and other particulars of Plant Disease Research is in Form IV (See Rule 8)

Place of Publication: Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana

Periodicity of Publication: Half-yearly

Printer’s Publisher’s and Editor’s Name: Ms Foil Printers, 2051, BXX Gobind Nagar, Ludhiana; Indian Society of Plant Pathologists and Dr. Vineet Kumar Sharma Department of Plant Pathology, PAU, Ludhiana

Nationality: Indian

Address: Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana

Name and address of individuals: (who own the newspaper and partners & shareholders holding more than one per cent of the total capital : Indian Society of Plant Pathologists Ludhiana (Registration No. 332 of 1984-85 Chandigarh, dated 19.10.1984)

Only the members of the society and the subscribers are entitled to receive the publication.

All the copyrights of the articles published in the journal (Plant Disease Research) are vested with Indian Society of Plant Pathologists, Ludhiana. No part of the publication can be reproduced, without the prior written permission of the society.